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Based out of Dallas, Texas, Michele Hailey is America’s Sweetheart Comedy Hypnotist and Variety Entertainer. Her zany approach to entertainment is very refreshing and unique. She’s performed across the United States for a array of varying venues and events.

Michele first became a clinical hypnotherapist and extensively studied the subconscious mind, pyschology and hypnosis. A few years later she was taking acting classes and begin to do comedy stage hypnosis shows.

Since then she has done thousands of fun performances and  exciting presentations for a number of corporations, fundraisers, company parties, comedy clubs and more. People rush to volunteer and love the hypnotic experience she provides

Many organizations and groups have taken advantage of Michele’s exciting show to attract record attendees to their Fundraisers. They were amazed how much money they have raised in just one evening!

Note From Michele:

I’ve hypnotized thousands of people during comedy hypnosis shows in Las Vegas and through out the country, I’ve also assisted many people, just like you, in eliminating HIDDEN self-sabotage and transforming mental blocks into success and abundance.

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I will never sell or share your address, nor will I spam with you unnecessary emails.  From time to time, I may personally reach out to notify you of updates, so don’t be shy about signing up!

Relax and enjoy the show!

Much love to you. Be Hypnotic.

Michele Hailey

Your Comedy Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Personal Success Coach!

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